Seven Days Later.

July 15, 2017

A friend of mine asked me for a favor, to design and sew a dress for her music video. Of course I said 'yes, yes, yes, it would be so much fun' and she gave me very limited time to finish my work. At that moment I knew two things, I had to start immediately working on it and this would be a great challenge. 'How the hell are you going to finish this, you don't have time for breathing' screamed the little voice in my head. I didn't know but I knew that I would, somehow, succeed. It's so weird, when I feel like I'm given a opportunity to get one step closer to my dreams, something magical happens. I don't understand the imbalance between the speed and slow motion of time and where I get the superpowers to work endlessly, but my favorite motto today is If you truly believe, you can achieve! And I did, seven days later.






Stay tuned for Ásta's newest video to see the whole look. Down below is one of my favorite song from her, Gaga Coocoo!



Photos: Elín Atim.

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