Drawings of cross-Section.

September 3, 2017

A cross-section drawing is an illustration that has a margin of error of 1 mm and shows which technique, how many layers of fabric and what kind of fabric was used. It's like you cut across the garment and look into it's wound. These detailed drawings are very important when it comes to production. Every professional sewing person should be capable at reading and using this information to create exactly the same prototype, dress or what ever it is you are producing. Therefore I like to call it "The Language of Tailors and Dressmakers".

I have never thought of cross-section drawings as an artwork, it's just a pain in the ass drawings that has to accompany the clothing for my school projects. Most of us, at least I, tend to forget to draw it until fifteen minuets before handing it in to the teachers. Believe me, that not the first thing that's on my mind when finishing a project, but even though drawings of cross-sections are a last minuet stress, I couldn't agree more that they look like an artwork.






Drawings: Elín Atim.

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